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AchivNET, product of SODILA

AchivNet is a tool developed by SODILA. SODILA is a company operating in the field of new technologies including :

  • Web sites development.
  • Web applications development.
  • Web hosting.
  • Oracle database administration.
  • Training.
  • Etc


AchivNet allows all types of organi and organizations to save and archive their documents, audios and videos online. Each organization benefits from its own database. An organization may have multiple representations, offices and members. At the application level, it is therefore possible to create the different representations and offices. Members are created and managed by the organization except the "Administrators" users of the software. The organization can create multiple groups to gather users and allow them to access certain archived documents. The groups created by the organizations are managed by himself. In order to guarantee the security of access to archives, there are five (5) levels of access to archives :


This privilege ensures that only the author of an archive will have access to it. To guarantee the effectiveness of the action, the other privileges must be set to "No".


This privilege ensures that all users will have access to the archives.


This privilege ensures that only users with the same profile will have access to the archives. This first version of AchivNet manages three (3) profiles: Root, Administrator and Other.


This privilege ensures that only users in the same group will have access to the archives. These groups are created and managed by the administrator.


This privilege ensures that only users of the same site will have access to the archives. Same site means same company, same church, same office, etc.

Start with the free trial of AchivNet. Up to 742 hours offered.

Thanks to AchivNet, you can archive your data online without worrying about the space that they occupy. To subscribe, it's simple, contact us. You'll receive 742 free hours by subscribing to AchivNet. From the second month following your subscription, you can pay a monthly fee of 53.36 euros or 35,000 FCFA. For more information, please contact us.

(*) Offer subject to condition. Contact us for more information.

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